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Las Vegas roulette Wheel purportedly hits19 seven straight times

 A photo taken by an established casino player in Las Nevada purports to show a live live dealer online roulette rim reaching the variety 19 seven times in a row. And as the Las Nevada Sun notices, the odds of stunning such a amazing set are an impressive 3 million to 1.
The series allegedly took place at 8:32 p.m. on Mon at the Rio Casino when expert poker player Mark Romano taken the image on his cell phone's camera and submitted it to Twitter. In a following twitter, Romano addressed asking visitors by observing he was "just passing by" the live live dealer online roulette table when he identified the statistics.
 After reaching 19 for the 7th period in a row, the rim arrived on the variety 15 for the 9th whirl. But the rim then hit 19 one more time on its ninth spin.
 Caesars Enjoyment informs the Sun that it was unacquainted with the claimed series of statistics until approached by the report.
 The report has not yet been able to confirm the precision of the event, such as questions about whether it could have took place if the live live dealer online roulette rim was not properly arranged. But if true, the Sun notices this would be "one of the most rare recorded live live dealer online roulette runs in the town's history."