Leave your hair problems behind, forever

Research shows that atmosphere can could cause hair damage. Specialists accept aloft attention over boundless acceptance of draft drying, collapsed bed-making and added hair treatments that absorb acceptance of calefaction to appearance hair. So how can we accumulate our hair nourished and searching aces at the aforementioned time?

No matter how excellent your hair shampoo is, if you have experienced dry skin in your locks after a clean, it is statement to the fact that your locks is broken. Extreme damage causes split-ends. A sedentary way of life, bad food routines and impure town surroundings are also including to this damage.

In order to get a better idea about this, AC Nielsen in organization with Dove organized a multi-city study among females. In this analysis, it was discovered that:

55 percent of females think their locks becomes difficult and dry after a wash

91 percent of females think their locks does not have nutrition because they cannot oil regularly

But even though most of these females frequented professional hair beauty parlors consistently for unique locks therapies, it was discovered that a huge 92 percent of females considered that their locks needs unique nutrition. 

According to designers, most females customers between the age group of 25 - 45 are significantly concerned about locks concerns like split-ends and dry skin. Locks are susceptible to lot of aspects like excessive experience sun/pollution, heat and chemical therapies and even simple functions like inappropriate cleaning and strike blow drying. These aspects may impact the safety part of the locks resulting in broken cuticles, malfunction of the inner framework and protein loss resulting in locks damage. Split-ends and excessive dry skin or brittleness of locks may indicate damage. 

And that's not all. Further analysis reveals:

49 percent of these females feel they end up harmful their locks in the procedure of beautifying

22 percent of them face the issue of split-ends.

We know that weather and environment can cause locks damage as well. Professionals have brought up warning over excessive use of strike blow drying, flat pressing and other locks therapies that include use of heat to style locks. Furthermore, contamination, the sun, and lifestyle-related concerns can also cause surface and inner damage of locks. It is no wonder that 49 percent of the females sensed that they end up harmful their locks in the procedure of decorating it.

'Every woman is different and so is her hair'

According to designers, hair shower gels and hair conditioners prepared with natural or moisturizers are recommended for extremely dry locks with split-ends. Use of serums, covers and instantaneously therapies designed for particular locks concerns will help maintain locks health in the long run.

But in a sea of hairdressing products, how can you select hair shower gels and hair conditioners that do more excellent than harm? We tell you how:

For dry hair:

Find the time to oil your locks, at least 2 times a week. Oil your locks an hour before getting into the shower and then clean off.
Choose a hair shampoo with particular Oil Health care techniques. 
Tip: Dove's oil care hair shower gels have VITA Oils and a mix of grape, almond and sunflower oil as well. This will get consumed into the locks and renew essential Natural vitamins. 

For broken (split-ends) hair:

Identify the trouble spots and get a appropriate hairstyle. Keep getting it cut every 2 months.
Choose a hair shampoo with Extreme Fix techniques. It should contain Roughage Actives and Small Wetness Serum. 
Focus as much on the tips of your locks, as much as you concentrate on the origins while oiling or training your locks.

Tip: Dove's intense repair system reconstructs locks from within and decreases locks damage by up to 99 percent from the first clean and its Small Wetness Serum fixes locks from main to tip.