Men Women could get not just friends : Rules of Attraction

A new research has shown that men can ever be just friends with women. The researchers say that men's friendships with women is simply due to Yunaksarn. According to the Daily Mail, on the other side Nishkam expressions seek friendship with males.

They only expect more of them when their own relationship is in trouble. 1989 Hollywood movie "When Harry Met style," says the same thing.

The survey included 88 young couples. The research trend of attraction to men than women friends saw it they were in a relationship with someone or not.

While already in relationship with a man and woman bound in a single female attraction to male friends saw the same level. But in the living woman, only to attract male friend when her own relationship is in trouble.

Most women like men who take little interest in a relationship already. The study "Social and Personal Relationship" is published in the Journal.